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A christian show on Business and Money

Practical tips you can implement right away in your business or organization to tap into your full potential

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A word from Bold, host of Thrive 11-10

Why Thrive 11-10?

I am Bold Kéré, Award-Winning Advisor and Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA), your host for Thrive 11-10. 


Thrive 11-10 is inspired from Proverbs 11-10 which says, “When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices…”.


I know that as a Christian entrepreneur, you want to be successful, have a thriving business or organization and honour God in all you do. 


The problem is that things don't always go smoothly and sometimes you seem stuck, not making the progress and having the impact you know you could have. It's tiring and even frustrating at times. 

The reason for this show is simple:

It's time for you, the righteous of God through Jesus Christ, to take your business or organization to the next level and increase your Kingdom impact as you thrive.

That's how our families, communities and our city will be transformed even more into the likeness of Christ. That's a strategic way to disciple our communities, our city.

So, throughout the episodes, my experienced guests from all walks of entrepreneurship and ministry, and myself, will be giving you practical tips on business and money.

The show is designed so that if you tune in and implement the things that are shared, you will see greater success in your endeavours without losing your sanity. 

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